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Microsoft Outlook Express Version 5.x

Run Microsoft Outlook Express
Click on "Tools" then click on "Accounts

Click on "Add" then click on "Mail"

In "Display name", enter your name then click on "Next"

Select "I already have an email address that I'd like to use"
In "E-mail address", type in your email address provided by CQnet. eg. myusername@cqnet.com.au, then click on "Next"

Select "POP3" for "My incoming mail server"
In "Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server", type mail.cqnet.com.au
In "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server", type mail.cqnet.com.au
Click on "Next" when finished

In "Account name", type in your user name
In "Password", type in your password
Click on "Next" when finished

Click on "Finish"


If you want to make your new mail account your default account, select it and click on "Set as Default"
Click on "Close"
You are now set up to received and send email. CONGRATULATIONS!!!